Lizzy Bean has successfully delivered projects for the public sector including councils and other agencies. Her work investigates our relationship with the landscape, both urban and rural and she engages with environmental concerns through her use of sustainable and low-impact materials.

In 2002, Lizzy won a prestigious commission from Staffordshire County Council to redesign the exterior of a mobile library bus. Her design celebrates the area’s rich heritage of ceramics while timber-frame patterns from Stafford’s High House make a playful reference to the
mobile library as a moving building.

Cut into the hillside at Waseley Hills Country Park is the outline of a Painted Lady butterfly. Watch film for more information.

At the award-winning Bishops Wood Centre in Worcestershire, children play hop-scotch on a giant leaf made from a mosaic of tiles and pebbles. Lizzy created this piece of environmental art in 2005 with Early Years settings.

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