Lizzy Bean's work engages with the question of permanence. Working outdoors with natural materials, the only certainty
is that things will change over time. Some art works exist
for an afternoon (see Maze image), whilst others are designed to be in situ for as long as nature allows.

Using recycled and found materials, Lizzy’s artworks are often embedded into the landscape where they await discovery. They invite us to explore our involvement with
the landscape in magical ways; casting our shadow to tell the time (Impact Project at Somer's Park School, Malvern)
or playing hopscotch on a giant leaf made from a mosaic
of pebbles (Arts Beyond residency at Bishops Wood Environmental Centre, Worcestershire).

“Thanks for all your dedication and help in making a great and worthwhile project. You’ve been a joy to work with.”
Jon Cree, Education & Training Officer, Bishops Wood Centre, Worcestershire.

All projects are designed with these core values in mind: sustainability, conservation and respect for the planet.

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